OtherSide ArtClub


  • Experiment with practical skills and methods of painting in acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

  • Explore how we find inspiration, research ideas, devise and plan projects and pieces.

  • Consider the ways we can alter our habitual perceptions.

  • Tap into the source of how, what and why we create.

  • Dive deeper into the ideas and concepts which keep us interested and inspired to make Art.

  • Nurture the capacity for self driven learning and practice as an Artist.

  • Utilise purposeful, creative limitations that can help to find original vision.

  • Practice discernment and self criticism in a healthy and useful way.

OtherSide ArtClub is a space to...

OtherSide ArtClub is a new concept currently being developed by Artist Delyth Roberts.

The creative sessions will provide guided learning and experimentation focused on Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting - but with an emphasis on Exploration, Inspiration and Ideas Development.

Sessions are now in trial phase, but if you are interested in joining us, sign up below to be notified of future events!