Language Of The Birds

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Bird Communication: Level 1.

Birdworld is all around you - waiting to welcome you in -

"What has taken you so long, friend?" Says the Crow...

  • Learn to communicate with wild birds of all kinds!

  • Make friends everywhere you go!

  • Become more weird!

Explore ways to:

  • Bridge the human-bird divide and bring our spheres of perception into alignment.

  • Overcome human-centrism.

  • Realise that we live in Birdworld as much as birds live in Humanworld.

We will discover:

  • That birds are a lot more human aware than we realise

  • The importance of body language and gesture

  • The joy of earning the trust of independent, wild beings

  • That birds are always watching

  • An inexhaustible supply of friendship, magic and beauty

  • That Birdworld is all around us, wondering why we are blind to this bounty of nature.

Important information:

  • This workshop is not about traditional bird call or species identification.

  • You don't need to know anything about birds or be able to recognise or name them. They are just made up names, invented by humans. Who knows what birds call themselves?

  • Birds are vastly more intelligent and open to communication than humans tend to give them credit for.

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